Shila Amzah from KL, Malaysia - Lenglui #253

Name: Nur Shahila binti Amir Amzah
Date of Birth: Aug 13, 1990
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 42 kg
About: Nur Shahila binti Amir Amzah or better known as Shila (Shylla) Amzah, is a young upcoming singer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Shila started singing at the age of 5 and is the daughter of famous 80s era Malaysian actor and singer, Amir Amzah Bin Salleh or better known as ND Lala. She took part in various singing competition and got herself a record deal at the age of 13. Shila then blossomed into a singing sensation when she became the runner up in a reality TV singing competition, One In A Million Season 2 in 2008.

In the recent Asian Wave 2012 singing competition in Shanghai, China, Shila represented Malaysia together with another talented fellow singer, Diana Lau Wan Yin 刘婉滢 has amazed the audience and juries for every performance she had done. Shila's powerful yet expressive voice has won her this year Asian Wave singing competition beating other five finalists from China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and India.

Shila has never seemed to care much about her public perception on her relationship, her boyfriend is an actor in Malaysia, Sharnaaz Ahmad. Shila wasn't really the typical type of Muslim Malaysian girl who wears a headscarf for modesty and religious purposes until the Ramadhan of 2012.

Shila made a decision to change on the headscarf image only recently in August 2012 over a break fast session. Shila believed it would help her weaknesses and thankful to the God for the talents she possessed at such young age. She is determined to change and maintain her image in the entertainment industry with her headscarf which is not common for many successful Malaysian artistes.

Shila's fair skin complexion makes her look like mixed race but it could be well from the family's gene. Her elegant looks, girl-next-door cheerful charm and talents made her a complete package of a real beauty. Like her or not, when Shila sings, it is nothing but beauty and touching to all who listen.

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