Jessica Tan (Chen Jieshi) from Singapore - Lenglui #269

Name: Jessica Tan (Chen Jieshi)
Date of Birth: Aug 10
About: Just over a week ago, a coffee maker company based in Singapore, OWL International has came up with one of the most creative and viral Chinese New Year music video for year 2014. This entertaining music video (Hello~, 过年几happy有没有?) is for everyone who finds Chinese New Year visiting a chore and it clearly portrays how it's like in Singapore.

Apart from the catchy tunes and mishmash of English, Mandarin and Hokkien rap lyrics, what really caught everyone's attention is the hot girl in the red dress and everyone wants to know who she is.

Well, since we haven't posted an update for awhile, we decided to put ourselves to work for couple of hours since Chinese New Year is approaching. Something for you guys, the least we can do!

The hot girl in the red dress is Jessica Tan, or also known as, Jessica Chen Jieshi from her Facebook account. All we know so far is that Jessica is a freelance model from Singapore.

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