Pretty Actress: Betty Huang Yi 黃奕

Name: Betty Huang Yi 黃奕
Birthday: September 13th, 1979
Height: 167cm
Sign: Virgo
Personality: Opptimistic, head-strong, straight-forward
Family background: Above-average
Hobbies: Reading, Running and Gym
Favorite sport: Running
Fav Color: Any plain color
Fav animal: Dog
Fav fruit: Water-mellon
Places wish to go: Venice
Fav Place: ShangHai
Fav actor/actress: Rene Liu Ruo Yin
Fav cosmetic: SKII
Fav clothing: Suitable, elegant and good-cutting clothes
Fav type of drama: Ancient
Fav character so far: Yu Sau Lian(From CTHD)
Her Fav feature: Eyes
What she hopes to aspire to: Hope to gain recognition and support from fans

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