DJ Tenashar from Singapore - Lenglui #257

Name: Debbie Valerie Long
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements: 34 24 33
About: Debbie Valerie Long or better known by her stage name as DJ Tenashar was born and brought up in Singapore by a Eurasian father and a Chinese mother, but has lived most of their years in Spain and Europe. After spending most of her early modeling days in Europe, this FHM Cover Girl is now back and based in Singapore to work as a full time model in Asia.

Tenashar's talents extends beyond the realm of modelling, but also to photography, disk-jockeying and entrepreneurship. Tenashar was also once a broker in the financial world of Singapore but she gave up this career to follow her passion for photography and modeling eventually.

Proficient in English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, it is no surprise the name Tenashar is fast becoming internationally known. Her modelling career has already seen a series of successful shoots with notable brand names such has Cosmopolitan, FHM, Asian Geographic, Wardrobe Fashion Trends (WTF) and Fashion TV.

As a model embedded with a European mindset, she hopes to work with more photographers and artists in her pursuit of creating more photos that would transcend the boundaries of conventional modeling. Where others might see modeling as a means, Tenashar sees beyond that, where what she does is an art form.

What would you like people to know about you?
I may look a tad bimbotic and come across as a typical model, but I've got a lot more depth than meets the eye. I love bringing out the rawest of emotions in photography. My latest project is in the deep hostile south of Thailand, within the conflicted areas of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani, hoping that my work will bring awareness to the broken lives of people and children there.

With your experience from living abroad, how would you rate Asian men against European men?
I would rate them equally sexy! Their sex appeal rises to me not according to which part of the world they're from, but to a guy's intellectual ability.

How do you feel being the perfect Asian beauty of every Guys sexual fantasy?
I feel great, and I feel every girl should feel that way, because nothing turns a guy on more than a girl oozing of confidence.

Your Biggest career achievement?
When I was a broker I won the annual top broker award. I'd still love to bask in the glory of being the youngest in my firm to achieve that, but oh well, let's not go to all the happy feelings that invokes because i could go on and on.

What has a man done, that has talked you out of your dress?
"Ma'am your dress makes you look pale, here's one I recommend...changing room's that away."

You were in the drivers seat and suddenly a pair of strong hands attached to a sizzling hot body started working its way up your skirt. What happens next?
If it was a guy I was seeing, I'd jam on the brakes and passionately start making out with him, but if it wasn't a guy I was seeing, then I'd jam on the brakes and run far far away hahaha.

I do it with my girlfriends only. What is it?
Talk about boys. *cheeky grin*

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