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Cute Actress: He Mei Tian 何美钿

Name: He Mei Tian 何美钿
Profession: Actress
Date of birth: 1983-Dec-02
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Chinese zodiac: Pig
Family: Younger sister

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Beautiful Actress: Zhou Xun 周迅


Name: Zhou Xun , Jue 周迅
Date of birth : 18, Oct 1976
Place of birth: Quzhou, Zhejiang, China
Horoscope : Libra
Blood Type : O
Height : 161cm
Professional: Actress, singer, model
Weight : 41kg

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Pretty Actress: Gao Yuan Yuan 高圆圆

Name: Gao Yuan Yuan 高圆圆
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: 1979-Oct-05
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Libra
Chinese zodiac: Goat
Blood type: A
Family: Older brother

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Pretty Actress: Kitty Zhang Yu Qi 张雨绮

Name:Zhang Yu Qi 张雨绮
English name: Kitty
Nationality: Chinese
Place of birth: China
Occupation: Actress
Height: 1.7m
Weight - 48kg
Measurements: 35D、24、35
Qualifications: Shanghai Drama school

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Beautiful Actress: Rulu Jiang Xin 蒋欣

Chinese Name: Jiang Xin
English Name: Rulu
Date of birth: 08 May 1983
Horoscope: Taurus
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A
Place of birth: Ulumuqi, Xinjiang Province, China
Hobby: Enjoy Snacks
Personality: Talktive, Love to play
Education: Henan Art School, Performance Major

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Sexy Actress: Chen Zi Han 陈紫函

Name: Chen Zi Han 陈紫函
Real name: Chen Sha Sha 陈莎莎
Profession: Actress
Date of birth: 1978-Apr-02
Horoscope: Aries
Place of birth: Chongqing, China
Height: 165cm
Weight: 42kg
Chinese zodiac: Horse

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Beautiful Actress: Liu Tao 刘涛

Name: Liu Tao 刘涛
English name: Tamia
Profession: Actress
Date of birth: 1978-Jul-12
Horoscope: Cancer
Place of birth: Jiangxi, China
Height: 168cm
Weight: 50kg
Chinese zodiac: Horse
Blood type: B
Family: Husband

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Zhang Jing Chu 张静初

Name: Zhang Jing Chu 张静初
Date of birth: February 2, 1980
Horoscope: Aquarius
Place of birth: Fujian, China
Height: 165cm
Education: Central Academy of Drama, China
Language spoken: Mandarin and English
Profession: Actress
Hobbies: Swimming, literature and movies

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