Wang Xin Yi 王馨漪 V

Wang Xin Yi 王馨漪 VPretty ModelChinese ModelWang Xin Yi 王馨漪 VHot Chinese
Some new photos of beautiful chinese girl Wang Xin Yi  王馨漪 .The gallery looks like a  motionless film about a pretty girl going back home for Chinese New Year . Enjoy Wang Xin Yi (王馨漪) is a pretty model and actress from Beijing, China. Wang Xin Yi has posed for a number of magazines (昕薇MOOK, Taobao, Pink Lady《粉红佳人杂志》, etc.), featured in several major advertisements (China Mobile M-Zone, Nissan Motors, etc.) and appeared in some local TV programs ( 讯网《时尚世界杯》, 湖南卫视《我是大美人》, 江苏卫视《天才会美丽》, etc.). Profile:
Name: Wang Xin Yi (王馨漪)
Date of Birth: Jun 25, 1990
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Measurements: 34 23 35

Hot Chinese

Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心 III

Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心 IIIPretty GirlChinese ModelWang Hui Xin 王蕙心 IIIChinese Model
Today we have  Chinese babe Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心 with a new photoshoot on our sirens website! We’re glad to share the latest pictures of Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心 with you today  , some   fabulous outdoor pictures . Wang Hui Xin 王蕙心 is a 22-year-old hot model and student from Guangzhou, China. Wang Hui Xin is better known by her nickname Xiao Xin 小訫 and she has been the spokesperson for many different companies including Chinese games and electronic products. Since 2009, Wang Hui Xin’s popularity has increased for being a football babe and an expo showgirl for the 2010 ChinaJoy event. PROFILE: Other Name(s): Wang Huixin, Xiao Xin
Origin: Guangzhou, China
Born: 24 May, 1988
Height: 165cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurements: 34-24-34
Occupation: model, student  

Hot Chinese

Kayze Lau

Kayze LauChina GirlBeautiful ModelKayze LauPretty Girl
Kayze Lau is a Hong Kong based model . Stats
D.O.B. 28/10/1993
Height: 165cm
Weight: 38lb
Measurements: 32B-22-32″  

Pretty Girl

Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 III

Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 IIICute GirlHot ModelSun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 IIIChinese Model
Here are the latest mini photo shoots of pretty Chinese girl Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 . Enjoy ! Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 (aka Cynthia Sun Xin Ya 孙心 ) is a pretty and hot Chinese model and actress who is currently based in Beijing, China. Also known as Babydoll, Sun Yi Fei has participated in quite a few modelling competitions and beauty contests. Sun Yi Fei has also appeared in various Chinese TV commercials and music videos. Sun Yi Fei’s Profile: Other Name(s): Sun Yifei, Babydoll
Origin: China
Born: 16 January
Height: 170cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 31-24-32
Occupation: model, actress    

Beautiful Girl

Qin Meng Qing 秦梦擎

Qin Meng Qing 秦梦擎China GirlHot ChineseQin Meng Qing 秦梦擎Beautiful Girl
Qin Meng Qing 秦梦擎 is a 23-year-old pretty Chinese model, actress and dancing coach from Jilin, Jilin Province. Graduated from the Capital Normal University in Beijing, Meng Qing has received a few certificates for yoga and bodybuilding training.

Amazing Girl

Li Qi Xi – Stunning Cute Selfies

Li Qi Xi – Stunning Cute SelfiesChinese ModelHot ModelLi Qi Xi – Stunning Cute SelfiesPretty Girl

Beautiful Model

Xie Meng 谢梦 & Liu Meng Meng 刘萌萌

Xie Meng 谢梦 & Liu Meng Meng 刘萌萌Cute ModelBeautiful ModelXie Meng 谢梦 & Liu Meng Meng 刘萌萌Pretty Model
For today’s photo update , we’ve got another cute photo set of hot Chinese model Xie Meng 谢梦 &  Liu Meng Meng 刘萌萌. They are 2 beautiful chinese girls that you can enjoy !

Chinese Model

Beeboo Xu Liangliang 徐靓靓 III

Beeboo Xu Liangliang 徐靓靓 IIIPretty ModelAmazing GirlBeeboo Xu Liangliang 徐靓靓 IIIAmazing Girl
It’s been a long time since we last update on chienese girl Beeboo Xu Liangliang . Here are more close-up pictures of her . Beeboo Xu Liangliang 徐靓靓 is a pretty and cute looking model from Guiyang, China. Other than TV and Internet commercials, Beeboo Xu Liangliang also played the voice of a character Little Red Riding Hood (小红帽) from a popular China online game known as Fantasy Westward Journey (梦幻西游). Profile:
Name: Beeboo Xu Liangliang 徐靓靓
Date of Birth: May 8, 1991
Weight: 42 kg
Measurements: 31 24 31

Amazing Girl

Lv Wan Rou 吕婉柔 IV

Lv Wan Rou 吕婉柔 IVCute GirlHot ChineseLv Wan Rou 吕婉柔 IVPretty Model
Lv Wan Rou is a stunning and hot Chinese model and Internet beauty. Todawy   we’ve got a couple of latest studio shoots of Lv Wan Rou to share with everyone. Lv Wan Rou 吕婉柔 is a beautiful and hot model from Mainland China. Wan Rou was formerly known as Lv Lin 吕琳 or Angelin. With a quiet makeover, beautiful Wan Rou is back in the modelling world and ready to wow the market.

China Girl

Zhu Hong (朱弘)

Zhu Hong (朱弘)Pretty ModelBeautiful GirlZhu Hong (朱弘)Chinese Model
Zhu Hong (朱弘) is not only a showgirl but a pretty online gamer from Shanghai, China. Zhu Hong became popular ever since voted as the most beautiful showgirl during ChinaJoy (China’s biggest gaming expo) 2007. In ChinaJoy 2009, Zhu Hong became the spokesperson and played the role of a beautiful princess wrapped only in a coat of white fur for an online game known as 成吉思汗 (Genghis Khan). In the latest ChinaJoy 2010, Zhu Hong had an image change from her cosplay princess into an elegant looking lady. Unfortunately, she collapsed and fainted on the first day of ChinaJoy 2010 due to overworking and lack of rest preparing for the big day. Zhu Hong even had a guy requesting to take her out for a dinner date via an online video and willingly to pay her 300,000 RMB Yuan.  

Chinese Model

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