Mu Qi Mi Ya 母 弥 IV

Mu Qi Mi Ya 母 弥 IVCute ModelAmazing GirlMu Qi Mi Ya 母 弥 IVPretty Model
Mu Qi Mi Ya 母 弥 continues to appear on TV to spread the benefits of yoga, and we are going to to share Mu Qi Mi Ya’s latest TV snapshots. MuQi MiYa (born 20 May 1987) is a well known model in China. The Yunnan native began modeling at the age of 14 and after 8 years, she has established herself as an advertiser darling who fronts regular promotion campaigns for companies. She is best known as China’s most beautiful yoga instructor, a title given by Chinese netizens after she released a yoga pictorial and demonstrated her yoga chops in a TV programme. Besides being a professional Yoga instructor, MuQi MiYa is also a dancer and a Taekwondo master. In the 2010 Tencent Auto Show, MuQi Miya won the “Favorite Leading Lady” Award, the highest award in the event.  

Pretty Model

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