Xia Xiao Wei 夏 小薇 – Beach Photos

Xia Xiao Wei 夏 小薇 – Beach PhotosHot ChineseAmazing GirlXia Xiao Wei 夏 小薇 – Beach PhotosHot Chinese
Today we have a chinese  model  named Vivi Xia Xiao Wei with some new photos . Enjoy them inside the post ! Other Name(s): Xia Xiaowei, Vivi, Vivi Xia
Origin: Yangzhong, China
Born: 2 February, 1989
Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 33-24-35
Occupation: model, student

Beautiful Model

Chrissie Chau 周秀娜 – FHM

Chrissie Chau 周秀娜 – FHMPretty ModelHot ModelChrissie Chau 周秀娜 – FHMPretty Girl
Today we have a few latest hot photos of Chrissie Chau for FHM. Chrissie Chau is a Chinese actress and celebrity model from Hong Kong. Spokesperson of renown beauty house prospects her reputation all over Hong Kong while the campaign was highly publicized anywhere in MTR and newsstands. Chau achieved wide fame after release portrait album in 2009 and 2010. Her film career began in earnest after starring in the ghost horror film Womb Ghost (2009); Chau starred in 20 productions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Chau won three “Most Searched Photos on Yahoo!” in 2009-2011, “Yahoo! Entertainment Spotlight Person” in 2009 and “Most Popular Actress Award” in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. She received “Award of Merit: Leading Actress” from The Accolade ™ competition in 2011 for her performance in Beach Spike. Chau became attention object to “After 90s’ girls” in Hong Kong from the survey held by YMCA 2010. Report pointed out girls think Chau has high EQ and is optimistic and bold, whilst Chau ranked 16th in 2010 LIVAC Celebrity Roasters of Cross-Straits Media announced by HKIEd, a title for which she has received substantial media attention. Name: Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) D.O.B: 22 May 1985 Role: Actress, Model Origin: China Height: 170 cm Weight: 42 kg Measurements: 81-55-83

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Kitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 – lingerie

Kitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 – lingerieAmazing GirlBeautiful GirlKitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 – lingerieBeautiful Model
Chinese babe Kitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 has again done some striking hot photo shoots lately. Shi Zi Jia was first known by her lingerie and bath photos . Go inside the post to see her latest photos.
Name: Kitty Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳
Date of Birth: May 24, 1990
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Measurements: 34 25 35 To read more about Chinese babe Kitty Shi Zi Jia, you can go back to this previous article of the girl . Click Here !

Hot Chinese

Angelina Pan Shuang Shuang 潘霜霜 – VI

Angelina Pan Shuang Shuang 潘霜霜 – VIPretty GirlHot ChineseAngelina Pan Shuang Shuang 潘霜霜 – VIAmazing Girl
Today we are sharing  some new great photos of popular Chinese model Pan Shuang Shuang 潘霜霜. Hope you like and enjoy the photos . Mavis Pan Shuangshuang 潘霜霜 is a young and hot Chinese model and actress from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Shuang Shuang is also nicknamed as the “Little Shu Qi 舒淇 from Taizhou” due to her full pouty lips and sexy body. In fact, I personally find her prettier than Shu Qi. Seductive lips, bewitching eyes, big boobs, slender waist and pretty legs, Shuang Shuang has got them all.
In March 16, 2011, a Hong Kong magazine exposed scandal photos of popular Hong Kong actor-singer Raymond Lam Fung 林峰 sleeping intimately on a bed beside Shuang Shuang. Raymond Lam admitted that he was previously in a relationship with Shuang Shuang and it was learnt that Shuang Shuang shot the photos while he was sleeping unaware of it. Raymond Lam said he had dated Shuang Shuang for several months after meeting her during shooting for a movie “The Jade and The Pearl” (翡翠明珠). He said they had even met with both sets of parents but they separated a few months later due to differences in their personalities. Many fans of Raymond Lam accused Shuang Shuang of leaking out these intimate pictures publicly for the sake of fame. Never I would have thought of the polite-clean looking Raymond Lam likes it BIG! Profile:
Name: Mavis Pan Shuangshuang 潘霜霜
Date of Birth: Apr 3, 1987
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Measurements: 36D 24 36

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Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵 II

Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵 IIBeautiful ModelChina GirlJiang Yi Han 江伊涵 IIHot Chinese
October was the last time we  updatet our highly popular Asian babe Phoebe Jiang Yi Han 江伊涵. Jiang Yi Han is a half-Chinese and half-Korean model, singer and actress, best known by her extremely sexy football-themed pictures and seductive lingerie shoots. Born and raised in an artistic family, Jiang Yi Han has starred in a few TV series and movies such as “My Bratty Princess” ( 刁蛮 主 ) and “Taste of Happiness” ( 幸福的味道 ). Jiang Yi Han is also acknowledged by the media and Jiang Yi Han’s fans as the most beautiful and sexiest football babe for the South African 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Chinese Name: Jiang Yihan
Foreign Name: Phoebe
Nationality: Chinese
Date of Birth: August 18, 1990
Current age in 2012: 22 years old
Occupation: Model, singer, actress
School: Central Academy of Drama
Height: 168cm
Blood Type: AB
Measurements: 87cm  62cm  89cm

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