Chandaly Sitphaxay ??????? ??????? from Vientiane, Laos - Lenglui #261

Name: Chandaly Sitphaxay ຈັນດາລີ ສິດພະໄຊ
Website: (not available)
About: Chandaly Sitphaxay ຈັນດາລີ ສິດພະໄຊ is a pretty girl from Vientiane, Laos who graduated from the National University of Laos. At the age of 18, Chandaly represented Laos at the Miss International Beauty Pageant 2004 held in China and also won the Miss Lux 2004 contest. This pretty Laotian isn't just about a pretty face. Chandaly is also a medical graduates from China in 2010. Anyway, only the best of Chandaly Sitphaxay available here, all filtered by

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