Lena Yang ??? from Shanghai, China - Lenglui #252

Name: Lena Yang Qingqian 楊青倩
Date of Birth: Sept 20, 1986
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Measurements: 32D 23 34
About: Lena Yang Qingqian 楊青倩 is a singer, actress and model from Shanghai, China debuted in 2009. She is known for her resemblance to Jolin Tsai and her martial arts abilities. Lena won the 2009 Hong Kong International Wushu Competition performing group champion under the tutelage of Ip Man's son, Yip Chun the grand master of Wing Chun martial art and immediately known as the new generation of kungfu beauties.

However, Lena did not pursue her martial art career further but instead, she has chosen the entertainment industry and ever since, Lena has appeared in more than 20 TV ads and also worked with celebrities like Nicholas Tse and Vanness Wu. In 2009, Lena released her first singles known as "Dancing Girl" (舞林少女) and a mini album in 2010 known as "Takenori Dancing Days" 武法舞天.

In 2011, Lena ventured into the Taiwanese entertainment industry when she became an ambassador for a local Taiwanese game known as "Swordsmen Online" (刀劍笑Online). Dressed in a tight revealing costume in the game advertisement MV, 32D Lena has captured the hearts of many otaku (a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests particularly in anime) and the Chinese Netizens. Anyway, only the best of Lena Yang available here, all filtered by

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