Elissa Lai Xiao Pei III

Elissa Lai Xiao Pei IIIChinese ModelChinese ModelElissa Lai Xiao Pei IIIBeautiful Girl
We’re finally updating on chinese cutie Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡 . You can check out this post to view more pictures. Elissa Lai Jiayi or better known as Elissa Lai Xiao Pei is a pretty model and Internet celebrity from Beijing, China. Since 2009, Elissa Lai Xiao Pei has been involved in several TV commercials and magazines.
Name: Elissa Lai Xiaopei / Lai Jiayi
Date of Birth: Dec 21
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements: 34 27 35   

Cute Girl

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