Amanda Hua Jia 画嘉 VII

Amanda Hua Jia 画嘉 VII
It’s been 2 weeks  since we’ve updated cute Chinese girl Amanda Hua Jia’s 画嘉 . Today we have some new photos for you to enjoy . Check out the post ! Amanda Hua Jia (画嘉) is a Chinese beauty who seduces with tiny, but hot body which likes to show. Previously she filmed sweet editorials in the style of teenagers, but recently Amanda has grown up and likes to show her feminine attributes in the photos. Although she has only 40 pounds, diminutive Chinese burns and burns her sex appeal and has already gained many fans in China, but also in the West. Jia has more going on than just big puppy dog eyes with colored contact lenses though. Name: Amanda Hua Jia (画嘉)
D.O.B: 1 June 1986
Role: Model
Origin: Taiyuan, Shanxi China
Height: 164cm
Weight: 42 kg
Measurements: 34 22 35

Beautiful Model

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