Chen Rou Xi 陈柔希 III

Chen Rou Xi 陈柔希 IIIChinese ModelHot ModelChen Rou Xi 陈柔希 IIIChinese Model
Eimy Chen Rou Xi 陈柔希 has finally released some new photos , which we’re more than happy to share with our readers in this post. It’s time for a new model on our chinese sirens website , a model that we never featured before . She is Chen Rou Xi 陈柔希, also known as Eimy, is a new Asian model, singer and Internet beauty from Mainland China. Chen Rou Xi is currently based in Beijing, China. Before releasing her first album in February 2011, Chen Rou Xi has issued two singles during December 2010, theme song “Go, Warriors” 冲吧, 勇士 for Korean video game Dungeon Fighter Online 地下城与勇士 and “Loving X’mas”.   Chen Rou Xi’s Profile : Other Name(s): Chen Rouxi, Eimy, Eimy Chen
Origin: China
Born: 23 September
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 33-23-36
Occupation: model, singer

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