Zhang Xin Yuan

Beauty Model  Zhang Xin Yuan
 Her name is Zhang Xin Yuan 张辛苑. She is dubbed as the number one beauty in China, loved for her good girl image, a combination of classic and cute features. She born in Hubei in 1990. She Becomes famous by posting her photos through social media, has oval shaped face, has snow-white skin complexion, has black long straight silky hair. Do these attributes remind you on Snow White? I love Snow White!

We think she looks like Yifei Liu 刘亦菲, and her eyebrows remind me of the singer A Mei (Chang Hui-mei).

In a close-up photo of her, with a braid across her head, she looks like the Frida Kahlo of East Asia; Zhang’s features are more delicate and Kahlo’s features are showing more strength, yet both are beautiful!

Cute Model  Zhang Xin Yuan

Pretty Model Zhang Xin Yuan

Zhang Xin Yuan

    Beautiful chinese model girl Zhang Xin Yuan

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