Chinese Actress Jiang Xinyu

Jiang Xinyu

Jiang Xinyu (江新宇), is a famouse Chinese actress, gained fame as the top list for beauty of China after she has posted a picture of herself on the internet and then many of vote to her. In the media, she is announced as China's most beautiful girl (she is pretty but come on she is not the most beautiful in China!) and her beauty is said to be one in a billion.

Jiang Xin Yu's (江新宇) Profile:
Name: Jiang Xin Yu (江新宇) | Nationality: China | Date of Birth: May 8 | Place of birth: Heilongjiang | Occupation: Actress | Height: 167cm | Weight: 44kg 

Actress Jiang Xinyu

Hot chinese actress Jiang Xinyu

Jiang Xinyu cute photo

Beautiful Actress Jiang Xinyu

  Jiang Xinyu Movies:
Scandals (2013)
In-Laws New Year (2012)
Promise Time (2012)
Li Xianglan (2007)
The 601st Phone Call (2006)
Love's Lone Flower (2005)
2046 (2004)

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