Xiao Lei 肖蕾 II

Xiao Lei 肖蕾 IIHot ChineseAmazing GirlXiao Lei 肖蕾 IIBeautiful Girl
I know it has been a long time since we updated on popular Chinese model Xiao Lei 肖蕾 There hasn’t been any official release of  Xiao Lei 肖蕾 ’s new photo shoots, so what we have here are mostly Xiao Lei 肖蕾 ’s real-life snapshots and a few commercial shoots Xiao Lei 肖蕾 has done lately. If you’re interested in the model, check them out! Xiao Lei 肖蕾 is a pretty and talented Chinese model and music producer from Dalian, Liaoning Province. Xiao Lei is currently based in Beijing, China. At the age of four, Xiao Lei started to learn piano and fell in love with music. Besides modelling and doing music, Xiao Lei is also keen on hip-hop dance and jazz dance. Xiao Lei’s Profile Origin: Dalian, China
Born: 28 March
Height: 160cm
Weight: 39kg
Blood Type: B
Occupation: model, music producer Related

Beautiful Model

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