I’m a girl and I want to talk about your penis. My name is: Keke SU

1.How many erections do you get on an average day?

2.What provokes them?

3.How old are you and has the number of erections per day changed over time?

4.How frequently do you orgasm? (From masturbation or with a partner.)
*It’s just idle curiosity about the male sexual response. And I couldn’t think of a better place to find wonderfully articulate and horny males.
Name: Su Keke

Birthday: the 2010-5-5 Taurus

Hometown: China hubei wuhan

Industry: plane model

Personal home page:

Individual is introduced: It’s an odd thing to look back on the world,to watch those I left behind. Each in her own way so brave, so determined, and so very desperate.

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