Wu Meng Fei 吴梦菲

Wu Meng Fei 吴梦菲Pretty ModelPretty ModelWu Meng Fei 吴梦菲Cute Girl
Wu Meng Fei 吴梦菲, also known as Frida or Fei Fei, is a young and adorable Chinese fashion model and Internet Beauty who is currently based in Shanghai, China. Born on February 7th, 1989, Wu Meng Fei models for various online clothing shops on popular Chinese website Taobao 淘宝网 . Wu Meng Fei’s Profile : Other Name(s): Wu Mengfei, Frida, Frida Wu, Fei Fei
Origin: China
Born: 7 February, 1989
Occupation: model

Chinese Model

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