Hou Shi Chen 侯诗辰 IV

Hou Shi Chen 侯诗辰 IVPretty ModelAmazing GirlHou Shi Chen 侯诗辰 IVBeautiful Model
If you like Chinese girls and especially Hou Shi Chen 侯诗辰, get in the post and check her out!
Hou Shi Chen 侯 诗辰 is a young and sexy Asian model and Internet beauty from Shandong Province, East China. Born on May 14th, 1992, Hou Shi Chen nicknamed herself Prettybaby. Hou Shi Chen became popular on the Internet due to a set of hot photos taken with her dog. Hou Shi Chen’s Profile: Other Name(s): Prettybaby
Origin: Shandong, China
Born: May 14, 1992
Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 35-25-35
Blood Type: A
Occupation: model

Cute Model

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