Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡

Elissa Jia Yi 佳怡
Today we have a quick lingerie teaser, proving that the Lingerie business still competes for the top spot in fashion, and continues to be a popular mode for models… Many Chinese women are choosing Lingerie Design as a way to express themselves by integrating new forms of lingerie into already dynamic color styles popular among the Chinese.  Note the peach-side-babe color of the thumbnail, rather than a traditional red carpet used by many Lingerie Model Venues. LINGERIE UPDATES The Catwalk in the video is less splendid than the grand performances put on by the Victoria’s Secret Angels of the USA, and is quite rudimentary, lacking glamour, and somewhat trashy with the random spectators snapping photos, however, it is a step in the right direction to getting more exposure to a larger fan base, as well as giving designers, models, and the fashion industry a big boost. Stay Tuned for more Lingerie Updates as we cover this explosively hot industry!! NOW BACK TO THE MODELS    

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