Actress Liu Shi Shi

Beautiful Actress Liu Shi Shi

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Liu Shishi (born March 10, 1987 in Beijing, China), also known by her English name Cecilia Liu, is a Chinese actress and ballerina. Liu Shishi is currently[when?] contracted with CES.[citation needed] In May 2012, she was nominated for, and won the "Magnolia Award" (白玉蘭獎) for the most popular actress for her role in Chinese time-travel drama Scarlet Heart.

Liu Shishi's Bio:
Chinese name: 劉詩詩 (Traditional) | Chinese name: 刘诗诗 (Simplified) | Pinyin: Líu Shīshī (Mandarin) | Birth name: Líu Shīshī (刘诗施) | Ethnicity: Hui | Ancestry: Beijing, China | Origin: Beijing, China | Born: March 10, 1987 (age 26) Beijing, China | Other name(s): Cecilia Liu | Occupation: Actress, ballerina | Years active: 2004

Cute chinese actress Liu Shi SHi

Liu SHi SHi hot actress

Pretty chinese actress Liu Shi SHi

Beauty chinese actress liu shi shi

Liu Shi Shi Movies :
5 Minutes to Tomorrow (2014)
Painted Skin 3 (2014)
Stainless Spring Sword (2013)
A Moment of Love (2013)
Badges of Fury (2013)
Opera Dream (2013)
Sad Fairy Tale (2012)
The Next Magic (2012)
Lucky Coincidence (2012)
Royal Tramp (2011)
Dreaming Zhu Fairy (2009)

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